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Welcome to Jason Gray Law, located in West Palm Beach, FL. Jason Gray has represented over 2,200 clients.

He knows the system.

He has helped people beat their misdemeanors, felonies,

DUI's, civil injunctions, family cases, probation violations,

warrants, traffic tickets,

and juvenile cases.

Let us fight for the results that you want.

Call us at 561-921-JLAW (5529) 

for your free consultation


The consequences you face largely depends on the results your attorney fights to obtain. Let us work on a resolution that gets your case dropped or a result in which you are informed of the legal consequences. 


Juveniles are increasingly involved

in the criminal justice system.

Let us help

keep your child's record clean. 


We have clients who have been falsely accused of a crime. An attorney can explain your position to a judge or prosecutor get cases dropped or charges reduced. Let us help defend your rights. 


If you have a warrant, sooner or later this has to be addressed. Don't live in the shadows. Jail isn't a necessity. Contact an attorney so we can help. 

Traffic Tickets 

Paying your ticket is an admission of guilt. Don't take the points and affect on your license or insurance without talking

to an attorney first.


Driving on suspended license charges can have affects on your license such as five-year suspensions and subject you to possible jail time. We have programs that involve getting your license back and your case dropped. Call for free consultation.


An arrest does not mean you were guilty. Whether a person's "normal faculties" were impaired is a complex legal definition and unique to each individual. A DUI can have lifelong consequences.

Let us defend your rights.

Personal Injury 

Involved in an accident?

Our team of doctors will evaluate

you to see if you have a case. 

Family Law

Whether it's paternity, child support,

time-sharing, modification,

divorce, or alimony.

Let us fight for your rights. 

Defend your rights!

Let us fight for the results that you want. Call Today!


Message From
Jason Gray

The system doesn't care if you're a good person. The system doesn't care if you have a family. Getting a criminal charge effects everyone around you. Don't put your life in the hands of someone who doesn't care.

You need competent and effective representation.

You need someone who cares. Ask any of my over 2,200 clients and they will tell you that I was available for THEM and I fought for THEM--and I was always reachable. 

I care about getting the disposition that you want.

My goal is your goal. 


Let us fight for the results that you want. 


Jason Gray Law, PLLC

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