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Family Law

Marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships: Entry into legally recognized spousal and domestic relationships 

The termination of legally recognized family relationships and ancillary matters, including divorce, annulment, property settlements, alimony, child custody and visitation, child support and alimony awards

Adoption: proceedings to adopt a child and, in some cases, an adult.


Surrogacy: the law and process of giving birth as a surrogate mother

Child protective proceedings: court proceedings that may result from state intervention in cases of child abuse and child neglect

Juvenile law: Matters relating to minors including status offenses, delinquency, emancipation and juvenile adjudication

Paternity: proceedings to establish and disestablish paternity, and the administration of paternity testing

Message From
Jason Gray

The system doesn't care if you're a good person. The system doesn't care if you have a family. Getting a criminal charge effects everyone around you. Don't put your life in the hands of someone who doesn't care.

You need competent and effective representation.

You need someone who cares. Ask any of my over 2,200 clients and they will tell you that I was available for THEM and I fought for THEM--and I was always reachable. 

I care about getting the disposition that you want.

My goal is your goal. 


Let us fight for the results that you want. 

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